Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be a part of Completely Consumptual!!!

If you have food reviews, recipes, tips, or questions, email them to and I will put them on the site! As the site begins to fill up with more recipes and reviews we will start categorizing and hopefully turn completely consumptual into a huge community or recipe sharing and food idea swapping.

Marlene Meer has already contributed and I hope more people will!!!

Bistro-Style Short Ribs

From Marlene Meer

This isn't my personal recipe, but it's ALWAYS a staple at every dinner party or when we're celebrating good company on a Tuesday night. There are minor adjustments to the recipe. I don't have a dutch oven, but any big pot works, it just took a little longer while simmering. I just braised the short ribs on a cast iron center burner, instead of using an outdoor BBQ. Also, the recipe requires some dry red wine, but the dish still has strong flavor without it. Lastly, the puree of vegetables makes a big difference in the sauce/gravy. I don't prefer a runny thin sauce...I feel the vegetable bits add more of a rustic/homely feeling.

Served over polenta.